Why You Need Your CCTV System Frequently Maintained/Serviced

Do you rely on CCTV to keep your property safe? If so, the last thing you want is to deal with a failing system when you need it the most! CCTV can reduce crimes by 13%, with many other safety benefits for those who install them.

As these systems are designed to be hardy and long-lasting, you may wonder why frequent maintenance is required. Keep reading to find out.

What Problems Can CCTV Systems Experience?

CCTV systems are complex pieces of technology that are made from intricate parts. Whilst they are designed to be weather-resistant and stand the test of time, they are, like any other piece of technology, susceptible to issues.

The main issues that regular servicing resolves are as follows:

  • Maintain a strong image quality, which can deteriorate over time due to outdated video capturing technology or simply dirt on the lens.
  • Due to their high positioning, debris or even animals can knock on the camera, causing damage to its components. 
  • Another side effect of the previous point is that cameras can be knocked into the wrong position, which also means that the correct images are not being captured.

What Does a CCTV System Service Include?

A CCTV service consists of a thorough inspection of the camera and its connections to ensure the right images are being captured. This services includes the following:

  • A full test of the system, including wider security products and solutions.
  • Check all settings to ensure that the time and data elements are correct.
  • Assess the recording and backup system to ensure all video footage is managed correctly.
  • Mains and battery testing.
  • A full assessment of the infrared recording, lighting settings, and 24-hour surveillance features.
  • Check that the camera is secure and all fixtures are in place correctly.

What Are the Benefits of Carrying Out CCTV Maintenance Visits?

As with any form of security product, the level of protection that you receive is only as good as the products in place. Carrying out a regular CCTV service means you have peace of mind that your camera is capturing everything you need. 

Additional benefits of investing in regular CCTV maintenance checks are lower insurance rates, improved neighbourhood safety, and more efficient systems.

How Often Should CCTV Systems Be Checked?

At Mike Harris Fire & Security, we recommend that CCTV maintenance be carried out a few times a year. If you have had particularly bad weather, it may also be worth booking another visit to ensure that the elements have not compromised your recording set-up. 

Another reason for booking in an extra check is if you install other security features. Components such as security lighting may mean that your CCTV system needs to be upgraded to ensure it is in full working order.

How Can I Book a CCTV Service?

Do you want to check that your CCTV is capturing all of the shots needed to protect your home? If so, our team is ready to help! Contact us today to make a booking.

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