How Many Smoke Alarms do I Need in my Property?


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You are eight times more likely to die from a fire if you don’t have a smoke alarm. This shocking and sad statistic highlights the importance of having alarms and ensuring you meet the various installation standards to keep them fully operational. 

The fact is that properly installed smoke alarms save lives. This includes having the right amount to cover the full home so that smoke and fire do not have a chance to spread before action can be taken. 

As smoke alarm experts, at Taylor Alarm & CCTV we are passionate about smoke alarm education!

How Many Smoke Alarms Should I have in my Home?

The number of smoke alarms you need will depend on the size of your home. The general rule is that you should have at least one smoke alarm on each level of your house and one extra in the communal space where you spend most of your time. This also includes attics and basements, not just everyday living areas.

You will also need additional alarms if the environment poses more risks, such as having multiple fireplaces or additional kitchens.

Smoke alarms should also be installed in addition to carbon monoxide and fire/heat alarms, which is why they are unnecessary in every home room. Instead, they are used within the main spaces to trigger the detector if the smoke rises to that level.

Where Should I Position Smoke Detectors?

Smoke detectors need to be in the centre of the ceiling. This is because smoke rises, and the central placement ensures that the sensor can be reached, no matter the smoke’s direction.

They need to be at least 30cm away from the wall or light fittings, so a perfectly central position is not always possible. You will be protected if you put it as close to this area as possible.

How do Smoke Detectors Work?

There are different types of smoke alarms which all work in slightly different ways. In summary, each has its own detection devices that pick-up smoke through either heat or electromagnetic technology.

They should be used in conjunction with fire and carbon monoxide alarms to prevent fires from spreading if they have started.

Why Do I need the Correct Number of Smoke Detectors?

  • To stand the best chance at detecting a fire in its earliest phase. Smoke is the first part of a house fire that will spread, meaning it is important to be caught.
  • For full compliance with insurance regulations and building laws. 
  • To assist the functionality of other safety detectors within the home. 
  • To ensure that people on all levels of a home can be notified should a fire start.
  • Reduce the risk of fire damage to your property.

Who Can Install Smoke Detectors?

The most efficient smoke detectors are hard-wired ones which a professional should install. This prevents the issue of non-working batteries from getting in the way of your safety. 

Contact our team of experts if you need to install smoke alarms within your home.

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