Common Causes of House Fires

More than 26,900 UK home fires were recorded in 2022. This scary statistic highlights the importance of protecting your homes in the best ways possible. With the cost of living crisis causing some people to let their guard down regarding fire risks, we wanted to share some advice on this major concern.

House fires can start from the smallest fault and result in the complete loss of a home or a life in the worst instances. As fire safety experts at Mike Harris, we work hard to help our customers find the best fire protection solutions for their needs.

What Are the Main Causes of UK House Fires?

Cooking and Kitchen Appliances

Around 60% of home fires first start in kitchens. As the room where we use gas and electric heating devices, that will likely come as no surprise. 

Some main reasons include leaving devices unattended, not cleaning oil properly, not servicing products regularly and leaving fabrics where they shouldn’t be. With many highly flammable cooking substances, protecting this area of the home is essential.


Smoker’s materials are responsible for 6% of house fires and almost 36% of fire fatalities. With many items around the home being highly flammable and cigarettes offering a lit flame which can linger even when you think the item has been put out, this is a common cause for concern.

Candles and Lighters

Adding a warming, glimmering glow to your home could lead to a stressful experience, as more than 1000 household fires per year result from candles.

It is recommended that candles are never left unattended and that a snubbing tool is used to put the flame out completely. 

Heating Systems

Portable heating devices are also a common cause of house fires. This can result from a faulty product that has not been properly serviced or from blankets and bedding coming into contact with the item.

Electric Lighting and Other Faults

53.8% of all accidental house fires start from an electrical origin. From faulty plug-in items to wiring issues; the causes are plentiful. 

Leaving items running even when not in use is also a common cause, with dishwashers, refrigerators, and toasters being some of the biggest culprits.

How Can You Prevent Your Home From Fires?

Whilst, indeed, some fires cannot be prevented as they are genuine accidents, we believe that the majority can be with some careful consideration.

To keep your home safe from fires, you should adhere to the following:

  • Always turn off electrical items when not in use.
  • Choose professional fire alarm systems to allow you to act quickly in an emergency.
  • Also, invest in high-quality smoke alarms, as these will alert you to the first signs of a fire.
  • Never leave any form of heating appliance unattended. 
  • Never smoke cigarettes within the home.
  • Always ensure candles are blown out without any remaining ambers.
  • Undertake regular alarm maintenance to ensure your systems are working efficiently.

Are you ready to take fire safety within the home seriously? Contact us today to learn more.

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