Why Is My Smoke Alarm Beeping?

If you have ever had your sleep interrupted by a continually beeping smoke alarm, you will know how annoying the sound is. Whilst removing the batteries and enjoying the silence may be tempting, you could be putting yourself in immense danger!

At Mike Harris Fire & Security, we commonly face a chirping alarm causing stress. Keep reading to discover what the sound means and how it can be resolved.

What Does a Beeping Smoke Alarm Mean?

Fire alarm systems are complex tools which require constant maintenance. For this reason, they are created with care in mind, hence why a beeping system could start if an issue is in place. 

The most common causes for beeping systems are as follows:

The batteries need replacing. One of the most likely reasons is to install a new battery if your system works this way. It is recommended that batteries in smoke alarms are changed every 12 months, but should the beeping start sooner, it’s time for a change.

Smoke has been detected. A noisy alarm could also signal the early signs of a fire. If smoke has been detected, even from further away, it should trigger the system if all is working correctly.

A wiring issue is stopping normal working. Smoke alarms are intelligent machines with tiny working parts to keep households safe. If even one component needs to be replaced, the alarm may signal with a beep that it is not in complete working order.

The cover may be open. If you have changed your batteries and the beeping is still sounding, you may need to double-check that the cover is closed. Most smoke detectors are set up to let you know if there is an obstruction to how they usually work.

There may be a change in the air which is not smoke-related. Smoke detectors are designed to identify when anything other than standard air flows through the terminal. This is possible as the tiny components understand the flow caused by different airborne materials. That is why hairspray and deodorant can cause a smoke detector to sound.

The detector needs to be replaced. Smoke alarms should be changed every 10 years, so the beeping could be your decade reminder. You may also need to change it more often depending on the make, amount of usage, or location.

How Can You Resolve a Beeping Smoke Alarm?

With some quick identification of the issue and resolution, you will be happy to know that the irritating noise can be subdued. 

You should always review the above list to ascertain the issue. Regular alarm maintenance and ensuring that products are replaced when their shelf-life is up is also important. You should also choose a professional smoke alarm installation service to give your alarm the best chance of working correctly and not starting to beep unless there’s an emergency.

To find out more, contact us today.

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