The Best Alarm Security Systems for Your Home

Installing a home alarm system is popular for those who want to protect their unique spaces. The odds of your UK being broken into are 1 in 43, which you can agree is a worrying prospect.

Security alarm systems are a brilliant way to deter criminals and provide homeowners peace of mind in knowing their properties are protected. As experts in home security, we know a thing or two about selecting the right products for individual needs. Keep reading to find out more.

What Are The Best Types of Home Alarm Systems?

Wired Alarm Systems

We recommend selecting a wired security alarm system connected throughout your home. This ensures that the system will still work perfectly if any damage occurs. It also provides more chances of being alerted to intruder issues and makes residents more reactive.

Wireless options are also great for more affordable solutions as long as they are professionally installed and configured.

Dialler Alarm Systems

Not all alarm systems will sound a loud noise. Some offer a more stealthy way of protecting your property, with in-built calling set up to your chosen line of escalation. Some models also feature a combination of both, allowing you flexibility in your chosen solution.

These alarm systems are popular as it means that even if you are not home or your neighbours are out, you can still swing into action to protect your property.

Complete Security Systems

Security alarms are also made even more effective when installed as part of an entire security system, including security lighting and CCTV systems. You may prefer this option if you have a larger home or are just looking for a more developed option. 

Our expert team can help you with this, choosing a bespoke setup that is ideal for your requirements.

Popular Brands of Security Alarm Systems

Some of the most popular systems within the UK are as follows:

  • SimpliSafe Home Security
  • ADT
  • Ring
  • Abode
  • Vivinit

We work with various brands and products at Mike Harris Fire and Security depending on our client’s needs. During the installation process, we will confirm our recommended product and the reasons why so that you know the alarm system is ideal for your needs.

How Can You Safely Install Home Alarm Systems?

The best way to install an alarm system properly is with expert assistance. The last thing you want is a malfunctioning setup when you have paid for safety measures. 

As you can see from our alarm installation service, we offer a range of alarm types for different budgets to ensure a suitable configuration is available for everyone.

What Are The Benefits of Choosing the Right Home Alarm System?

  • You will have a better chance of the system working when you need it to protect your home.
  • You will not waste money on incorrect products that don’t need your needs.
  • Criminals will be deterred from your home and the entire local area if they know that security measures are in place.
  • Your property will be fully protected even if you are away for an extended period.

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