Do You Need Planning Permission for Security Lights?

More than 350,000 planning permission requests were received for properties during 2022. As a nation concerned with the safety of our commercial and residential buildings; it will come as no surprise that a proportion of these concerned security upgrades.

When it comes to making changes, the world of permissions can be complex. Fear not as this article will set the record straight on what you need to do if security lighting is on your building modification to-do list.

Is Planning Permission Needed for Security Lighting?

You will be pleased to know that you do not need to apply for planning permission to install security lighting. The only time you may need to is if your property is protected, meaning that listed building consent is required. 

Whilst you do not need to get the green light, there are several considerations to ensure your new security system doesn’t arouse negative interest. 

Positioning of the lights is essential to get right which is why a security lighting expert is recommended for the installation. This involves ensuring that the lights do not shine into anyone else’s property and do not create a form of light pollution that could cause complaints. Many security lights also boast auto-timed settings, so it should be noted that use of these should be done with consideration of any surrounding properties in mind. No one wants to be woken up with bright lighting in their windows at 1 am!

Security lighting can be installed without making any major changes to the structure of a building, so it can also be easily removed or repositioned if needed. Whilst permission is not needed, professional consultation is always recommended. 

What Benefits Does Security Lighting Provide?

  1. Safety is improved as lighting is a deterrent to criminals and ensures that any wrongdoing is more likely to be witnessed.
  2. Security is also enhanced even when nobody is inside the building, as it gives the impression of people being around.
  3. As a popular security measure, improvements can also be witnessed to a property’s value.
  4. The lighting can add a nice visual look and be favoured for practical uses.

How Do I Choose Security Lighting?

As you do not need planning permission for security lighting, the possibilities to choose from are extensive. Certain products are better suited to different environments but ensure something is ideal for everyone. 

Popular forms of security lighting for residential properties include motion-sensor, outdoor coach, soffits, and time-security lighting. These can blend seamlessly into the outside look to not add an industrial feel. Alongside these options, also popular for larger buildings and commercial areas, are floodlights which provide a powerful beam ideal for lighting up vast areas. 

Whichever solution you choose, our team are experienced in installing them all. Choosing the right light is easier by understanding that planning permission is unnecessary. Contact us today to find out how you can add safety without annoying your neighbours.

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