Interlinked Fire Alarms in Scotland: An Overview

As of February 2022, interlinked fire alarms are a legal requirement in Scotland. If you are building a new property or have found yourself not adhering to the rules, you may have many questions. 

Experts in Scotland fire security, the Mike Harris Fire & Security, know how to protect the buildings of the north. Check out our overview of this fire safety essential below.

What is an Interlinked Fire Alarm System?

The Scottish interlinked fire alarm rules ensure that homeowners take extra precautions regarding fire prevention. Whilst this has always been an essential aspect of home safety, the laws were ultimately established due to the 74 lives lost in the London Grenfell fire in 2019.

Touching the hearts of people across the world, this incident showcased the dangers associated with inadequate fire alarm systems, as many people within the building simply did not know there was an issue before it was too late. To prevent this type of incident from happening again, the Scottish government released a stream of regulations to protect all residents, whether they are homeowners or renters. 

To meet the rules, you will need to use the following interconnected alarms:

  • 1 Smoke alarm in every home’s main room that is used most frequently. This will depend on the property use, but typically this is the living room or dining areas. 
  • 1 Smoke alarm in every communal space, such as the landing, hallways, or walkways. 
  • 1 Heart alarm positioned in the kitchen. 

The requirements are also supported by various standards that homeowners must legally adhere to. As the name would suggest, these systems must be professionally installed, and mains connected to ensure that messaging is sent to every system when one sounds. Because of this, experts should be consulted to fix new fire alarm setups.

How Can I Meet the Scottish Interlinked Fire Alarm System Rules?

Installing an interconnected fire alarm system is law in Scotland. This means all homes must make changes if their systems do not meet the requirements. Whilst the law was changed in February 2022, the government announced a ‘reasonable period’ to carry out the upgrades. 

There is yet to be a firm date in place, but we advise acting as quickly as possible. If you want to rent or sell your property, you will need proof that this law has been met. 

 Do you need to make a change? Book our smoke alarm installation service to become legally compliant.

Do You Need to Make a Change?

Book our smoke alarm installation service to become legally compliant or Contact us for more information

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