Door Entry Systems – the complete guide.

Door entry systems have been a chosen security solution for some time, but you may be interested in considering their additional benefits. The days of a traditional lock and key for all properties are behind us, as varying factors mean that intelligent solutions are the way to go. 

At Mike Harris Fire & Security, we have seen an increase in interest during recent years as homeowners and business owners start to consider how to futureproof their properties. Continue reading to learn more.

What Is a Door Entry System?

Characterised by biometric, audio, or visual technology, door entry systems allow an extra layer of security for building access. They are ideal for larger facilities with increased levels of footfall, such as warehouses, office buildings, or apartment blocks.

Door entry systems are also popular for residential homes and can be installed at gated entry points and front porches. The varying types available mean a solution exists for every property.

What are the Benefits of Having a Door Entry System?

  1.   Enhanced security

Only people with the correct access information can pass through a door entry system. This means criminal activity is greatly minimised. Some door entry systems also allow access to be amended frequently, which means that should a password become compromised, it can be easily changed.

The integrated video and audio functionality in many also provide evidence should any wrongdoing occur.

  1.   Allows monitoring of attendees

Within commercial spaces, you can easily keep track of who has booked in and out which contributes to effective employee management. This is also a positive within residential properties as security logs can be accessed to understand the movements of people if need be.

  1.   No need for keys

Not only does this eliminate the panic of forgetting your keys, but it provides increased lock control and security. Doors automatically close and lock each time, meaning they are never left open, even for the slightest of moments. Also ideal for large buildings, this eliminates the need to get a key cut for each person that will need entry and eliminates the chance of replications being made without permission.

  1.   Beneficial for insurance premiums

Acting as a security control measure, due to its crime-eliminating properties insurance companies look favourably on door access systems.

  1.   Offer a contemporary aesthetic

Whilst this is not the top benefit, the modern, streamlined finish that a door entry system provides can genuinely add to the curb appeal of a property. This also shows criminals that a robust approach has been made to reducing crime and alludes to other measures that could also be in place.

How to Install Door Entry Systems

Secure door systems can be installed by a professional in a short space of time. By connecting the entry system to the electrics and integrating with other security tools, experts can increase safety for the property and its residents.

Are you ready to install a door entry system? Contact us today to find out more.

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