Security lighting for the home – all you need to know.

Let’s shed some light on one of the best forms of security protection for your home, security lighting!

What is Security Lighting?

Security lighting is designed to protect people and properties by deterring criminal activity. Offering a way to reduce lawbreaking, security lighting is said to cut crime by at least 39%. 

At Mike Harris Fire & Security, we are big fans of security lighting, as the wide range of products available means there is a solution for every property requirement. Alongside a crime reduction, the benefits of installing efficient security lighting on your residential property also include the following:

  • Adding security protection to your home can increase its value and curb appeal. 
  • The lighting can also prevent accidents when visibility is poor outside the home.
  • Security lighting will provide benefits to home insurance.

What are the Types of Security Lighting for Domestic Use?

Choosing the correct type of security lighting for your property will enhance how it works, providing you with better peace of mind that you are always protected. The option you select will depend on a few things, including property size, the reason for installation, and coverage area. 

Below are the most popular forms of outdoor security lighting that are ideal for residential use:

Timed-Security Lighting These work the same way streetlights work, with the bulbs automatically becoming illuminated at the time of your choosing. Offering security all night-long, timed Lighting also reduced the chance of the illumination not coming on as it continues working.

Outdoor Coach Lighting This form of Lighting is more aesthetic but provides excellent security benefits. Compact yet bright, they are commonly used in a successive line across garden boarders, driveways, paths, and entrances. They can be either wired or solar. 

Floodlights If you have a larger property, floodlights are a great option. They offer an intense light which can be either times or motion activated. They are ideal for homes that are more rural as they can create some glare which may be disruptive to your neighbours.

Motion-Activate Lighting Available in all shapes and sizes, motion-activated Lighting is ideal for catching intruders as it is unexpected. This form of security lighting is one of the main one’s homeowners prefer as they come in many shapes and sizes. You can also choose your sensitivity level and radius with some products for more accurate triggers.

Exterior Soffit Lighting Also known as front-porch Lighting, these security lights surround the front door area. They can be wired into the mains or operated via a separate switch for personalised control.

How Can I Get Security Lighting Installed?

A professional exterior expert will be able to install your security lighting for optimal performance.

Location is key, so your professional will be able to ensure complete coverage and security with the ideal product for your security needs.

To give you a better idea of the process, you can view more details about our security lighting services by clicking here. You can also contact us to find out more.

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