What components make up a commercial security system

In the UK, an average of 69.2 crimes impact commercial businesses every hour. Protecting your business is essential, which is why many people adopt a commercial security system. These quick-reaction tools offer an instant way to respond to dangers and deter criminals. They also allow your company to be one step ahead of any possible crimes, which is essential for solid risk-planning strategies. 

With 38% of UK commercial premises having been victim to a crime, it will be no surprise that intelligent security systems are growing in popularity.

At Mike Harris Fire & Security, we specialise in all aspects of security system configuration with a proven track record of keeping commercial spaces safe. Below is a list of the critical components to a robust security system that we believe every business should have in place: 


CCTV systems (Closed Circuit Television) provide continual video surveillance and recording capabilities. This allows for reactive security management as the feed can be monitored or reviewed to reduce crime. 

CCTV cameras can be overtly placed as a visual deterrent or covertly located depending on the business needs. With more than 5.2 million CCTV cameras in the UK, this is a popular choice for security management.

Perimeter Security

Alongside CCTV surveillance, other forms of external protection include security lighting and additional entry points. By making the entry process more complex and integrating lighting, you can ensure that commercial space is defended 24/7. 

Access Control

Otherwise known as secure door entry, access controls mean only approved personnel can enter your commercial premises. 

The most popular systems for business include biometrics, keypad, video, and proximity readers, as everyone can securely use them. Different forms of access control can also be implemented for staff versus attendees to the site, allowing for better management of who enters and when. 

Access control settings can also be updated regularly to eliminate the possibility of security breaches.

Intruder Alarms

Alarm systems are ideal for commercial premises as they act as a strong deterrent if entry is made and alert the surrounding businesses of a break-in. Intelligent alarm systems can also be linked directly to staff contacts and emergency services to create an automatic chain of events.

Fire Detection Systems

Another critical security element is fire alarm systems

Commercial spaces tend to be larger and more complex than standard buildings meaning that fire alarm systems are essential. They allow a unified approach to reporting fires and ensure that the location of the incident can be clearly detected to allow for quick resolutions. 

With the average fire costing businesses £657,074, stopping this hazard from spreading is the main priority. A professional fire alarm system will support this.

Why are Commercial Security Systems Important?

  • Protect spaces against all risks.
  • Create a safe working environment whilst guarding assets.
  • Benefits insurance policies and helps companies meet compliance regulations.

The best form of action is prevention which a robust security system provides. Contact us for your personalised recommendations and to learn more about our services.

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