Why You Need Your Alarm System Frequently Maintained/Serviced

With 60% of burglaries said to be deterred by the presence of an alarm system, it is clear why households across the nation choose this as their protection method of choice. 

This has resulted in a bustling market for complete alarm systems that keep properties and people safe. However, if they are not kept in brilliant working order, you could be in for a horrible surprise if your possessions are ever put at risk.

Why Do Alarm Systems Need to Be Serviced?

Just like any other electrical system, alarms must be maintained to ensure efficient working order. They are complex and intelligent devices that require regular servicing and checks. Created with a series of components designed to work together when an alert is sensed, the smallest of errors could lead to a much bigger issue if not looked after properly.

As well as offering the potential for system failure, unserviced systems can pose threats such as electrical faults. You may also find that certain home insurance requires an up to day log of all maintenance to ensure the system is fully functional. Without this, you will notice a rise in premiums and fewer options available for you to select from.

What Do Alarm Services Include?

Alarm maintenance is a straightforward service that should be carried out regularly. The type of system you have will dictate the full areas covered, but in summary, the following will be checked:

  • A visual inspection of both the alarm exterior and internal mechanisms.
  • A physical test of the system using all of how it should be triggered to work.
  • The provision of any system updates relevant to the product in question and the wider security configuration of a property.
  • Checking all batteries and mains inputs to ensure safe operation.
  • Audio level testing, which includes both the on-site alerts and any to other devices such as smartphones.
  • The completion of a full audit report and certificate of status to confirm that the alarm system is in good working order.

When Should You Service an Alarm System?

We always recommend to clients that alarm systems be serviced twice a year or more often if they have had to use them regularly. This improves the level of protection on offer and means that should issues arise; there is more chance of them being resolved for less of a financial investment.

Suppose you expand your security set-up with new devices, such as CCTV systems or security lighting. In that case, you may also want to carry out an additional service to ensure everything works together.

How Can You Service an Alarm System?

You should always select a registered professional to carry out your alarm maintenance. This ensures that an expert job is done and that the certificates you are provided are valid for different insurance requirements. 

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