What’s the Average Cost of Burglar Alarm Installation in the UK

Protecting your home is something that we are sure everyone holds in high importance. However, with the cost of everything rising, justifying the extra spending may be something you are struggling with. 

At Mike Harris Fire & Security, we offer various options for burglar alarm installation as we understand that everyone’s needs differ. Keep reading to determine how much you can expect to pay for a brand-new system.

What Price Can You Expect to Pay For UK Burglar Alarm Installation?

This is not a straightforward answer, as many factors will determine the price. The industry standards specify that burglar alarm installation costs between £500 – £800, which is influenced by the type of system, property size, and integration with other technology. 

You will also normally pay around £50 – £80 per hour for the technician to attend, but many companies include the price within the overall bill.

As the price increases, so does the system’s quality, so spending what you can afford is always recommended. After all, can you put a price on your safety?

What Does the Cost Include?

Our own alarm systems installation services includes the following services which is the standard that you should expect if looking at other companies:

  • A full quote and consultation period to understand the security needs and building logistics. This will ensure that you are provided with the best possible system and that you are not going to be paying anymore than the industry standard.
  • Full installation of the product along with configuration and testing.
  • A wider security audit of the property to ensure the burglar alarm is fit for purpose. 
  • Follow-up assistance in case any issues or errors are noticed.

Why Install a Burglar Alarm?

A burglar alarm is just one of the many security devices proven to minimise risk to properties and people. Of course, the main benefits include drawing attention to unwanted intruders, but one of the ways that they are most effective is in being a deterrent. 

If a prospective burglar can see an alarm, they are much less likely to target your property than if the area was unguarded. 

Other benefits also include the following:

  • Lower insurance premiums and more home insurance options
  • Better success rates
  • Improved operational performance for other security devices
  • Peace of mind, whether you are at home or away

How Can You Get Burglar Alarms Installed?

Are you now convinced that setting aside your spare cash for a burglar alarm is a good use of the budget? Now is the time to make the decision as with the cost of supplies and materials constantly rising, the longer you leave it the higher the price is likely to be. 

You should always choose an official installer that has paperwork to represent their business. It’s also worth looking at client testimonials to see their success rate. 

To book in our alarm system installation, click here.

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