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Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation Leeds are the best Alarm, alarm maintenance & safety business in your area. Dangerously, even with the incentives of living in the technological age, there are also, substantial drawbacks. Unquestionably the offenders are now smarter than ever before. Indeed, they are using modern gadgets to break into your house and business. Consequently, protecting your property has never been more challenging.  Vitally, not ever feel at risk again. Without a doubt, get one of our alarms.

Further, Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation Leeds is here to safeguard you, your family and all your belongings. Likewise, as our systems and a variety of other security procedures allows you to feel safe and shielded at your property.

Service and Maintenance at Alarm Installation Leeds

Regardless of whether we fitted your alarm system, we are pleased to provide ongoing upkeep for you at Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation Leeds. If you don’t get regular alarm maintenance, then you could face a variety of problems. For example, problems during power cuts, cut or broken cables, false alarms etc. Though, these problems are merely avoidable with regular alarm service and maintenance checks.


Further, as well as the maintenance, it is essential to make sure your warranty is up to date to deliver you with full security and insurance coverage. Further, we recommend an annual servicing charge which also offers you with a one year contract. This is available to both new and current customers, With over 65s getting a 10% discount.



Leeds crime

Mainly, we are pleased to supply, fit and maintain both home and company systems at Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation Leeds. They are offering our services to all of Leeds and the surrounding areas.  Regrettably, burglaries are an ordinary happening, therefore is it vital to protect your property. Figures show that homes without alarm systems are up to five times more expected to be affected by burglars. However, homes with alarms systems may still be affected. This is why it is so vital to make sure your system is completely functioning, to prevent any crime from taking place


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Overall, call Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation Leeds for more guidance on safeguarding your home, and having the alarms that will ensure your safety and keep down insurance prices. Further, we are a local company and have been employed in Leeds for countless years. Further, our brand name is superb and dependable for all our locals and consumers all through the area.  Additionally, we would welcome the chance to make sure your home is safe and offer this at a cost you will not want to overlook.  Call us on 0113 322 9139.

Leeds Sport

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Burglar Alarm Installation

We offer Burglar Alarm Installation in a number of locations throughout the United Kingdom.

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