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As your partner for security systems, Burglar Alarm Installation Dundee job is to ensure your protection continues at a high level all year round, and for many years to come. If you would like to consider security alarm maintenance for a new or current system, please contact us to organise a free-of-charge surveyor visit.


Burglar Alarm Installation Dundee: Maintenance & Repair

It is essential to keep your alarm in excellent working order—the best way of doing this is to have regular preventive maintenance visits by specific, knowledgeable engineers like the ones at Burglar Alarm Installation Dundee. Further, burglar alarm maintenance maintains and repairs all burglar alarm systems and can upgrade current systems to current standards. Additionally, our skilled fitters and staff can typically identify and correct any faults within 30 mins. Also, we can work on any alarm system, regardless of how old it is.

Further, we are pleased to complete one-off regular maintenance to make sure your system is functioning as it should. Instead, take out our 12 months maintenance contract, which involves a regular service visit plus 24-hour support. View our detailed service breakdown.


Service Price at Burglar Alarm Installation Dundee

Burglar Alarm Installation Dundee offer static price checking with all our Burglar Alarm contracts for the least period of two years from the contract start date.



Contract maintenance

Intruder alarm maintenance typically takes place once per year, dependent on whether your burglar alarm is checked. Monitored systems need two visits per year to conform to the needs of the National Security Inspectorate (NSI).


Burglar Alarm Maintenance Installation

When repairing your system, our fitter will carefully inspect and test its modules and operation, to make sure the system will remain to deliver you with sufficient protection for the year ahead. In supplement to completing your burglar alarm service, our fitter will be able to answer any questions you have about your system and submit guidance on ways in which your safety could be enhanced.

Call Alarms CCTV Installation Dundee

Please contact Burglar Alarm Installation Dundee for extra information on safeguarding your property. You will be creating a statement against crime. Mainly, the Burglar Alarm will ensure you home is safe, nd it will often decrease insurance contracts.  Also, we are a local company, been working in Dundee for many years. Our reputation outstands us as, as we are known for our trustworthiness and reliability throughout the area. Without a doubt, we would love to safeguard your home, ensure it is safe, and provide this at a cost-effective price. Some Items are priceless. Call us on 01382 237 130

to protect all your assets.



The burgh suffered considerably during the conflict known as the Rough Wooing of 1543 to 1550, and was occupied by the English forces of Andrew Dudley from 1547. In 1548, unable to defend the town against an advancing Scottish force, Dudley ordered that the town be burnt to the ground. Further, in 1645, during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, Dundee was again besieged, this time by the Royalist Marquess of Montrose. Also, the town was finally destroyed by Parliamentarian forces led by George Monck in 1651

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