With our pet-friendly alarm sensors we are able to help you protect your pets and your home using our house alarm system. It is probable that your pet will be strolling through the house whilst you are out, whether they be a cat or a dog. When your pet senses you are arriving home then this is enough for your smart alarm system to go off, the same way they will go off is there is a burglar attempting to enter.

We have a variety of optional accessories which you can use to cover your cats or dogs of up to 35kg (85lb).


Our smart alarm systems are set up over a specific height, meaning your pets can easily pass below the sensors without setting the alarm off. Our PIRs can be set up so that they don’t detect certain sizes and shapes as unusual motion, however the alarms will go off if there are unusual movements found in certain rooms.  Our house alarm systems are essential for protecting your home and pets against intruders.

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