At Taylor Alarms & CCTV we can supply you with and install emergency lights in order to detect and deter intruders, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind in your own home.  Regardless of how much light you are looking for Taylor Alarms & CCTV can help, from a small light for your front door to illuminating your whole garden we can do it all. If you are interested and would like free advice, quotes and a site survey then call today on 0800 145 5264 and we will send out our certified engineer.


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There are two types of emergency lights, one of which are green-coloured and aid in building evacuations sue to the in-built signs. These lights can either be maintained or non-maintained. A light which is turned on and stays on during power cuts are maintained lights, whereas lights which only work during a crisis are known as non-maintained lights. The long-lasting and low-powered aspects of LED are accessories which these lights benefit from.



Emergency ceiling lights or panel in other forms still operate along the same lines, the difference is the are usually turned by default and in the event of a power cut they would switch to battery power. Typically, battery power should last at least three hours. To create a safe evacuation, plan your emergency lights can be fitted discreetly next to your usual lights. During standard or emergency fittings we have many lights available.

When it comes to longevity our emergency LED lights will not let you down, lasting up to 50,000 hours, qual to years or possibly decades worth of life. Emergency lights are essential for your protection and may even save your life.

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