Whether we are at work or at home, assault and burglary are a few of the crimes that we most fear, but with our CCTV installation you can put your mind at ease. Our professional burglar alarm system helps decrease your intrusion risk, should an awful crime be committed it will be able to provide vital evidence.

Here at Taylor Alarms & CCTV your safety is always at the forefront of our work. Through years of experience we guarantee your CCTV installation will be efficient as possible, while remaining easy to understand and user-friendly. For a free quote please get in touch with out CCTV Installers today.


Contact us now on 0800 1451 3578 and put your mind to rest, don’t allow yourself to become victim to crime. At Taylor Alarms & CCTV our CCTV camera system can be used both inside and outside of your home making it ideal to keep an eye on your home, vehicle and family and give you protection.

We have various CCTV cameras and CCTV systems, if you need help regarding which system is the best for you then we can help you out, just give us a call on 0800 1451 3578.

In conjunction will your installation, maintenance and service of your home security system is just as important. In order to protect your investment alongside yourself and your home we have creating standard service plans. If you have any questions at all regarding our CCTV Installation services then please do not hesitate to give us a call.


Thanks to our mobile app you can now have eyes on your home or workplace no matter where you are, you can do so on all IOS and Android devices – helping give you peace of mind.

All systems here at Taylor Alarms & CCTV are cost effective and user-friendly. We offer CCTV solutions for residential properties, hotels, shops, restaurants, cafes, etc.


Our wireless system is the perfect addition to your home with minimal disruption and no mess. We also offer future upgrades so your systems if required.

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