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Burglar Alarm Installation Oxford uses only the newest machinery. Notably, we offer and fit intruder alarms that are adaptable and easy to use. Also, we will present alarm solutions for both domestic homes and large industries. Primarily, from a standard system to an advanced system to protect the largest of premises.

Further, our remote alarms provide you with the option for 24hr observation at an alarm receiving centre. Also, our variety of security alarms service a range of customers from small industries such as shops, offices and warehouses. Further, our burglar alarms have reliable alarm machinery from award-winning manufacturers such as Texecom and Pyronix.

Home Burglar Alarm Installation Oxford

Burglar Alarm Installation Oxford offers a variety of wired and wireless systems that are not only suitable for the home. But are suitable for the outbuildings and home offices. All our alarm systems are easy to use, and insurance approved.

Further, Burglar Alarms Oxford can either be installed as a stand-alone or be easily incorporated with your current CCTV or Access Control systems.

Moreover, our intruder alarms have many options from ‘audible only’ with self-monitoring, through to competently supervised. Mainly, at our 24-hour alarm receiving centre. Notably, our systems are expertly monitored and can notify both the keyholder and Police response. Above all, we can provide 24hr Key Holding service and guard reaction.

Alarm Maintenance at Burglar Alarm Installation Oxford

Ensure your alarm systems are operational to their optimum performance. Intruder alarms are an essential safety measure for all companies. First, to be fully covered by your insurance policy. Notably, safeguarding your systems is essential, as faulty systems mean you will not be protected. Further than this, it means you will not be covered by your insurance policy.

Overall, Burglar Alarm Installation Oxford can present both reactive and preventative safety maintenance, for Alarms, CCTV, Access Control, Fire Systems and more across Oxford.

Protecting Your Home with Burglar Alarm Installation Oxford

According to a market research survey completed by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA), alarm systems play a huge role in avoiding break-ins. It is certainly rare for a home with an alarm system installed to fall victim to a burglary.

Further, most insurance companies are now proposing lowered insurance premiums to consumers who have passed alarm systems fitted in their houses. Once you have chosen you to wish to have an alarm system installed, contact us, and we will organize to have one of our engineers to call at your home at an appropriate time.

Contact Alarm CCTV Installation Oxford

For more knowledge on our professional Burglar Alarm systems, contact our specialists today and learn how we can help you. Mainly, by watching your home with bespoke alarm solutions. Importantly, Burglar Alarm Installation Oxford would like to explore in more depth, how we can make your house safe.

To gain more information on our specialist protection services, contact us today and find out exactly how we will support you.  Ensure your safety, Call us today on 01865 595 324.


In the 10th century, Oxford became an important military frontier town. Between the kingdoms of Mercia and Wessex and was raided by Danes. In 1002, many Danes were killed in Oxford. The skeletons of more than thirty suspected victims were unearthed in 2008. Notably, during the course of building work at St John’s College. Further, the ‘massacre’ was a contributing factor to King Sweyn I of Denmark’s invasion of England in 1003 and the sacking of Oxford by the Danes in 1004.

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