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Mke Harris Alarm CCTV Installation Oxford is the number or security system provider in your area. First, we ensure 100% security for you by offering our CCTV system, burglar alarms and a multitude of other protection systems. Following this, we hire only local expert CCTV installers. Thirdly, we use innovative high-tech CCTV cameras and security systems. Finally, we provide this at a cost-effective price. Above all, we always ensure customer satisfaction, and long-lasting, high-value systems.

Why not use a shop-bought CCTV System instead of Alarm CCTV Installation Oxford

Importantly, the majority of the camera systems you can get electronically, and in markdown, shops are battery operated. Therefore, the batteries will need to be changed very frequently. As a result, many people will struggle to do this, forget or not be bothered to do so. Meaning if a break-in or vandalism was to happen, chances are your CCTV system won’t have working batteries and won’t capture it. Also, the pixels and the quality of cheap/shop bought CCTV systems, mean often the images are fuzzy and not clear.  Further, they are resulting in an image that is unreckonable and almost pointless.

Alarm CCTV Systems:

Our CCTV systems can involve a mixture of the following:

  • IR Night Vision Cameras
  • Full HD 1080P DVR HDD Recording
  • Full HD 1080P Cameras
  • Multi-function wireless interaction with our 24/7 Alarm Delivery Complex
  • Isolated monitoring from your phone, tablet and laptop

Every Alarm CCTV includes Installation by our expert professional technicians, Complete warranty 12-month warranty for systems and parts and Aftercare service.

The Finest CCTV Camera Quality with Alarm CCTV Installation Oxford

In regards, to CCTV video footage, you must comprehend the number of Pixels in the camera outlines the picture correctness and supremacy. Hence why 4K IP cameras can record in high definition with up to 10 megapixels. Indifference, customary analogue CCTV can usually hardly collect up to 5MP megapixels. As a consequence, IP CCTV cameras offer considerably more complete Video images.

Go Remote

Importantly, have you ever questioned what’s going on at your house or work when you’re not there? There are now safety procedures that permit you to check what your safety cameras are watching over the internet via your mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer or laptop. Further, we can give you a demonstration of the structure. Further, we can do this while ensuring a budget-friendly price and quote for connection a security system in your home or workplace.

Motion Detector

Interestingly, Alarm CCTV Installation Oxford can ensure any unwanted or undesirable activities within or outside of your house will be recorded by cameras and alarms (or both if you like). Therefore, have a sufficient disincentive that can catch offenders in the act or make them stop all criminal activities they were preparing to do.

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Alarm CCTV installation Oxford Cover

Mainly, at CCTV Installation Oxford, we commence modified and tailored Tv. Instalments daily and offer expert repairs and upgrades. Chiefly, we do this every day all through the OX1 OX2 OX3 OX4 areas of Oxford

Such as:

  • Summertown
  • Headington Kennington
  • Botley
  • Wytham
  • Marston
  • Elsfield
  • Cowley
  • Blackbird Leys
  • Sandford-on-Thames and Iffley.

Oxford University

First, Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford is unique in combining a college chapel and a cathedral in one foundation. Originally the Priory Church of St Frideswide, the building was extended and incorporated into the structure of the Cardinal’s College shortly before its refounding as Christ Church in 1546, since when it has functioned as the cathedral of the Diocese of Oxford.

Further, the Oxford Martyrs were tried for heresy in 1555 and subsequently burnt at the stake, on what is now Broad Street, for their religious beliefs and teachings. The three martyrs were the bishops Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley, and the archbishop Thomas Cranmer.[20] The Martyrs’ Memorial stands nearby, round the corner to the north on St. Giles.

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Mike Harris Alarm CCTV Installation Oxford

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