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Crime is a horrible occurrence that can strike anyone, anywhere and anytime. Now, are you confident in your house’s current security level? Do you think it could deter or stop an intruder? Do you feel safe at home? If your answer to any of the previous was “no”, then you have to get in touch with us today, for the sake of you and all you hold dear. We are CCTV installation Wrexham and we offer a range of products and services to guarantee that no matter what situation you are in, we can help. 

Local at CCTV Installation Wrexham

CCTV Installation Wrexham operates out of Wrexham and we started our journey in Wrexham, many years ago. We had humble beginnings, covering only select parts of Wrexham, but now we grown and cover every square meter of Wrexham, be that a commercial or domestic property. We understand that Wrexham, and especially Wrexham County Borough, have a diverse range of properties, which is why we also cover both rural and urban properties and have specialised offers and services that are tailored for each property type. All our engineers are from Wrexham themselves; this is important to us as we believe in giving back to the community and the mainly skilled workers who reside within Wrexham County Borough.

What we offer at CCTV Installation Wrexham

We at CCTV Installation Wrexham offer all you could ever possibly want regarding home security, from the new installation of the most high-tech and modern combined alarm and CCTV system, to simply assisting you in setting up hardware you have already purchased, we do it all. We install many different types and styles of CCTV cameras such as; HD cameras, bullet style cameras, dome style cameras, 4K cameras, wireless cameras, infra-red night vision cameras and cameras capable of remote viewing. The list of our CCTV camera offerings is practically endless. 


We also offer many alarm systems such as, but not limited to, bells-only alarms, monitored alarms, wireless and wired alarm systems. However, our expertise is not limited to only installing CCTV cameras or alarms, we also undertake smaller or more specific work. The additional services we offer range from installing sensors such as passive infrared sensor and glass break sensors, all the way to servicing existing systems or evaluating existing systems and identifying their weaknesses and suggesting how to best strengthen your level of security, because at the end of the day, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. 

Alarms and CCTV cameras are great systems to have installed and they offer more benefits than most would think. Excluding obvious advantages, such as crime deterrence and increased options and possibility for legal recourse, security systems can offer an increased peace of mind, so if you are away from home on a business or leisure trip, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your home. Furthermore, security systems let you keep a better hold of your home as nothing can escape the watchful eye of a CCTV camera. So, call us today regarding arranging a visit or any questions and queries you may have.

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