One of the most effective ways to increase your security levels is by installing a wireless burglar alarm system.

At Taylor Alarms & CCTV we pride ourselves on providing you, your family, and your home with 24-hour protection throughout the whole year. We are the leading-edge company for all your home security, installation, and maintenance needs for your wireless burglar alarm system.

In order to meet your personal requirements each of our burglar alarms are tailored to your home and your home insurance provider to reduce your risk of break-ins.  We work or a fast and easy guarantee, installing our wireless burglar alarm systems with ease.


Our certified and professional engineers will provide you with a home security system ideal for standard day to day operation. We also offer the option of upgrading your burglar alarm system with further security and home safety additions.

At Taylor Alarms & CCTV we put your home safety first and our aim is always to protect you from any home intrusions and threats. A main concern for parents is of course, the safety of their children, we can send you a direct message to let you know your child has safely arrived home.

Our security alarm systems have additional features of emergency buttons and emergency lights, in order to provide you with that extra security throughout your full house. For extra security during the night you can also set the burglar alarm system to home mode.


We at Taylor Alarms & CCTV understand that pets are just as much a part of the family than everyone else. Therefore, our completely pet friendly, burglar alarm system allows animals up to 35kg (85lb) to roam freely through your house covered by a mixture of our accessories.

In order to view the inside of your home whilst you are out, you can download our mobile app. We use IP connectivity to connect your mobile app to your alarm system, allowing you to view what is happening live.

If there is an emergency our burglar alarm systems will contact you via voice call or SMS.

If you would like more information regarding our security alarms, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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