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We are here to meet all your surveillance needs at CCTV Installation Tamworth.  Thanks to our vast amount of experience we are the market-leading CCTV company in and around the Tamworth area. 

To ensure we provide the most reliable and robust systems at CCTV Installer Tamworth. We only use the latest CCTV technology and equipment.

As we are a local company we are able to offer same day or next day service.  We also provide a free call-out service at CCTV Installers Tamworth

CCTV Installation Tamworth Tailored to you

At CCTV Installation Tamworth we understand that each customer has different CCTV requirements. Therefore, we tailor our CCTV systems specifically to you. 
We will fully consider your budget, demographics, requirements, etc. 

Customer satisfaction is always our number one aim at CCTV Installer Tamworth.
Thus we have designed an app that provides you with remote viewing access worldwide. 

Our CCTV app is available on all IOS and Android devices. Meaning you can use your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or PC to monitor and store live recordings. 

Put your safety first with CCTV Installation Tamworth

Our systems at CCTV Installation Tamworth are designed to drastically lower your risk of intruders, allowing you to have peace of mind in your own home.
CCTV Installer Tamworth we provide both internal and external CCTV cameras. Thus ensuring your protection over your property, family, valuables, and vehicles. 

Prior to your CCTV installation in Tamworth, our fitters will provide a full risk assessment. Meaning we will be fully aware of all your security requirements.
Thus providing you with the best, cost-effective CCTV solution. 

Other security services in Tamworth

We also offer other security services in the Tamworth area, to ensure your property is fully protected. We can fit and maintain your burglar alarm system we have a team of experienced and trained burglar alarm installers.

Get in touch with CCTV Tamworth

We have experience in installing CCTV security systems in a wide range of properties, including, homes, warehouses, transport, retail, and food production properties. 

Whatever your security needs, we are here to meet them.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we are always more than happy to help. 

Give us a call on 01827 949 125.

Tamworth Culture

Former The Teardrop Explodes frontman and solo artist/writer Julian Cope was raised in Tamworth and later lived in nearby Drayton Bassett. Cope recorded three solo albums during his Tamworth years, World Shut Your Mouth (1984), Fried (1984), and Saint Julian (1987), and all three used various locations around Tamworth for their sleeve art and several videos.

 The heavy rock band Wolfsbane cut their teeth in the town before their lead singer Blaze Bayley went on to front the legendary Iron Maiden. Rock guitarist Clem Clempson was born in Tamworth. Bob Catley the lead singer of rock band Magnum (band) also lives in Tamworth. Guitarist/vocalist/songwriter/ producer Phil Bates (Trickster, ELO Pt2, Quill, and solo artist) was born in Tamworth and played in local bands the Teenbeats and Source of Power until moving away from the area in 1971. Phil still has strong family and musical connections with Tamworth. Tamworth has an active music scene, which circulates to some degree around The Skull Club and Tamworth Bands (also known as ‘Tambands’) websites.

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