Alarm and CCTV Maintenance Swansea 

Why Is Alarm and CCTV Maintenance Swansea The Firm For You?

Thanks to our trained engineers we can install the most complex of systems at Alarm and CCTV Maintenance Swansea. To ensure we offer the best possible system we only use the latest technology. Due to being a local business we offer same day or next day service. 

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When CCTV systems were first around it was only business properties who installed them. Whereas now a lot of people install them in their homes as well. We guarantee to use our knowledge and expertise to provide you with a top quality system. 

Upgrade Your Security With Alarm and CCTV Maintenance Swansea

At Alarm and CCTV Maintenance Swansea we offer our services to commercial and domestic properties. We also offer both digital and analogue systems. 

To ensure we provide you with the best quality systems we use the most advanced technology and software. Thus allowing us to provide you with a variety of features. For example explosion-proof camera, panoramic lens, DarkFighter night vision, facial recognition and number plate recognition. 

In order to meet all of your requirements we tailor our systems specifically to you. Therefore, we promise to meet all your needs. Our customer satisfaction rate is second to none thanks to our competitive prices and amazing services. 

Features With Alarm And CCTV Maintenance Swansea

A number of features are available in order to provide you with extra protection at Alarm and CCTV Maintenance Swansea. For instance we can install both internal and external cameras. Thus providing you with protection over your family, property, vehicles and valuables. 

Whatever your needs, our trained engineers can advise you on the ideal products. 

We have also designed an app which provides you with remote viewing access. You can download our app for free on all IOS and Android devices. Thus allowing you to monitor and store live recordings on your phone, laptop, tablet or PC.

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Whatever your needs we are always more than happy to help. Take your safety seriously and get in touch with us.

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Swansea History

Archaeological finds in the Swansea area come mostly from the Gower Peninsula, and include items from the Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age. The Romans occupied the area. The two largest rivers in the region are the Tawe which passes through the city centre and the Loughor which marks the northern border with Carmarthenshire. The Welsh name, Abertawe, translates to Mouth of the Tawe. It first appears c.1150 as Aper Tyui.

Swansea is thought to have developed as a Viking trading post. Its English name may derive from Sveinn’s island – Old Norse: Sveinsey – the reference to an island may refer either to a bank at the mouth of the River Tawe or to an area of raised ground in marshes. An alternative explanation derives the place name from the Norse personal name Sweyn and ey, which can mean “inlet”. This explanation supports the tradition that the city was founded by King Sweyn Forkbeard (reigned in Denmark from 986 to 1014). 

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