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We aim to give you peace of mind against crimes such as assault and burglary at Home Protect Alarm and CCTV Installation St-Albans. Thus we have created a system which drastically lowers your risk of intruders. You can use our system as crucial video evidence if a crime does occur, 

Our number one priority at Home Protect Alarm and CCTV Installer St-Albans is customer safety. Which is why we have created the most effective, user-friendly systems. We also provide all prospective clients with a free call-out service and free quote. 

CCTV systems for your safety 

At Home Protect Alarm and CCTV Installation St-Albans we have a range of systems available. For instance, our business system. This is available to all business properties in and around the area. We have designed our systems to be very cost-effective and easy to follow. 

We also have a  wireless system available at Home Protect Alarm and CCTV Installer St-Albans. Our certified technicians can provide you with a hassle free, seamless installation. As well as future upgrades if necessary. 

In order to provide you with remote viewing access worldwide we have created an app at Home Protect Alarm and CCTV Installation St-Albans. Our app is free and easy to download on all Android and IOS devices. Meaning you can use your smartphone, laptop, tablet or PC to view a stream of live footage at 4k UHD resolution.

Why should you pick Home Protect Alarm and CCTV?

Our qualified technicians will undertake a full risk assessment prior to installing your CCTV systems. Thus ensuring we are fully aware of all your security needs, and can provide you with the ideal solution. 

Following this we will provide you with a clear and detailed project plan. Meaning you can see all the work that needs to be done. Regardless of your requirements we guarantee to meet them. 

All our equipment has been tested and approved, ensuring we offer you the best possible system. Thus allowing us to exceed industry standards. 

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Take the initial steps in safeguarding your property and get in touch with us today. Whatever your needs we are more than happy to help you out. 

Whether it’s to book an appointment, or make an enquiry give us a call on 01727 228 507.

St-Albans History 

After the Roman withdrawal the town became the centre of the territory or regio of the Anglo-Saxon Waeclingas tribe.

St Albans Abbey and the associated Anglo-Saxon settlement were founded on the hill outside the Roman city where it was believed St Alban was buried. An archaeological excavation in 1978, directed by Martin Biddle, failed to find Roman remains on the site of the medieval chapter house. As late as the eighth century the Saxon inhabitants of St Albans nearby were aware of their ancient neighbour, which they knew alternatively as Verulamacæstir or, under what H. R. Loyn terms “their own hybrid”, Vaeclingscæstir, “the fortress of the followers of Wæcla”, possibly a pocket of British-speakers remaining separate in an increasingly Saxonised area.

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