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We are able to install the most complex of CCTV systems at Home Protect Alarm and CCTV Installation Slough. To ensure you are getting the best possible service we only use the latest technology. As we are local, we can provide you with same day or next day service

When CCTV systems were first introduced it was only business properties who installed them. Whereas now a lot of people also install them in their homes. At Home Protect Alarm and CCTV Installer Slough we use our expertise, knowledge and experience to provide top-quality systems. 

Upgrade your security system 

At Home Protect Alarm and CCTV Installation Slough both digital and analogue systems are available. As well as this, we offer our services to all domestic and commercial properties in the area.

Our systems at Home Protect Alarm and CCTV Installer Slough have been created using the most advanced technology and software. Meaning we can provide you with much more than a basic system.. Choose one of our systems and you will receive facial recognition, number plate recognition, panoramic lens, explosion-proof camera and DarkFighter night vision.

All our systems at Home Protect Alarm and CCTV Installation Slough are tailored specifically to you. Thus ensuring we meet your individual requirements. Whatever your security needs, we are here to meet them. Thanks to our amazing service and competitive prices we have a 100% customer satisfaction rate. 

Additional features on our CCTV system

We offer an array of additional features in order to meet all of your security needs. For example, we have created an app which provides you with remote viewing access from anywhere in the world. You can download our app for free on all IOS and Android devices. Theresure using your smartphone, laptop, tablet or PC you can access a stream of live footage and 4K UHD resolution.

Give us a call and our engineers can help advise you on the best products to meet your needs.

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About Slough

1918 saw a large area of agricultural land to the west of Slough developed as an army motor repair depot, used to store and repair huge numbers of motor vehicles coming back from the battlefields of the First World War in Flanders. In April 1920, the Government sold the site and its contents to the Slough Trading Co. Ltd. Repair of ex-army vehicles continued until 1925, when the Slough Trading Company Act was passed allowing the company (renamed Slough Estates Ltd) to establish an industrial estate. Spectacular growth and employment ensued, with Slough attracting workers from many parts of the UK and abroad.

During the Second World War, Slough experienced a series of air raids, mostly in October 1940 (the largest number of people, five, dying as a result of one on the 13th), and an emergency hospital treating casualties from London was set up in Slough. Local air raid deaths and deaths at the hospital account for the 23 civilian lives recorded lost in the borough area.

After the war, several further large housing developments arose to take large numbers of people migrating from war-damaged London. Between 1955 and 1957 the town was the site of the Slough experiment, a large-scale road safety trial.

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