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Alarm CCTV Installation Shoreham By Sea expert CCTV Security and a group of CCTV fitment specialists work with larger companies, housing, and neighbourhood associations to safeguard and protect the homes and businesses in Shoreham By Sea.  Also, our professional CCTV engineers in delivering our clients with low-cost surveillance equipment to improve the security of their buildings.


CCTV Systems at CCTV Installation Shoreham By Sea

Alarm CCTV Installation Shoreham By Sea fit CCTV systems for both community and commercial premises.  Also, we install usually wired, IP networked and wireless systems.

Further, our systems can be tailored to meet all types of budgets. Also, CCTV Schemes can provide further peace of mind, knowing our systems are 100% effective. In addition to other security procedures and can be installed for internal and external use. Whatever your needs, Alarm CCTV Installation Shoreham By Sea will operate with you, to provide a low-cost solution to meet your requirements.


  • Wired and wireless systems
  • Day/Night cameras
  • Remote access and monitoring
  • Digital recorders
  • Stand-alone and networked
  • Remote access and viewing
  • Mobile phone connection*


Experienced Engineers at CCTV Installation Shoreham By Sea

Alarm CCTV Installation Shoreham By Sea engineers with qualifications and training from CCTV Security officials have over five years of experience at Nacoss Gold level. Therefore, you can be anticipating a skilled and safe service every time.

As a result of our thorough services and excellent customer service, we have constructed a significant reputation within the area we serve. Overall, we take fantastic joy in the work we provide and feel that this shines with each job we complete.


CCTV Systems & Services CCTV Installation Shoreham By Sea

Importantly, at Alarm CCTV Installation Shoreham By Sea, we pride ourselves in appreciating and providing the appropriate CCTV results to suit all our client’s needs. Also, whether it is a primary stand-alone camera and recorder mixture, or a complicated integrated system viewable from multiple locations worldwide, we can propose a customized system to suit.


Stand-alone systems at CCTV Installation Shoreham By Sea

Mainly, we can offer the suppleness of static or roaming cameras pre-programmed or client-controlled.  Also, most systems can recommend the options of a broadcasting monitor and PC based view and control with the capability to supervise your systems from the World Wide Web being available.


Integrated systems 

we let a more complicated system design and a capability to collect more specific knowledge from your CCTV system.  Using the above, the stand-alone system combined with additional features, you can effortlessly record, monitor, and control an array of systems.


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Primarily, by callingus about CCTV installation in your local area. Above all, you will be entering an essential step in the path of protecting your most prized assets, including your family, pets, assets, and goods. Further, we have remained suitable CCTV in the region for years and can also assist you with television aerials and satellite TV.

Overall, contact CCTV Installation for further info about our vast array of services, and to understand why we are the market-dominating, impartial, most trusted CCTV installers in Luton. Call us on 0800 316 5621.



Old Shoreham dates back to pre-Roman times. Further, St Nicolas’ Church, inland by the River Adur, is partly Anglo-Saxon The name of the town has an Old English origin. Also, the town and port of New Shoreham were established by the Norman conquerors towards the end of the 11th century.

Moreover, St Mary de Haura Church (St Mary of the Haven) was built in the decade following 1103 (the Domesday Book was dated 1086), and around this time the town was laid out on a grid pattern that, in essence, survives in the town centre. The church is only half the size of the original – the former nave was ruinous at the time of the civil war although remnants of the original west façade survive in the churchyard to some height.

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