CCTV Maintenance Hull 

Some of the most feared crimes are burglary and assault. Therefore at Home Protect Alarm and CCTV Maintenance Hull we have created systems which drastically lower your risk of intruders. Our systems can be used as crucial video evidence if a crime does occur. 

Customer safety is always our number one priority. . Which is why we have created effective and user-friendly systems. We also offer a free call-out service and free quotes to all prospective customers. 

CCTV Maintenance Hull For Your Safety

A range of CCTV systems are available at Home Protect Alarm and CCTV Maintenance Hull. For instance our business system. Which is available to all business properties in and around the area. 

Also available is a wireless system. If you require future upgrades our technicians can provide it for you easily. 

For extra peace of mind we have created an app which provides you with remote viewing access from anywhere in the world. Therefore using your laptop, smartphone, tablet or PC you can access a flow of live footage and 4K UHD resolution. 

Why should you pick CCTV Maintenance Hull 

To ensure we are fully aware of all of your security needs, we provide a full risk assessment at CCTV Maintenance Hull. 

Afterwards we will provide you with a clear and concise project plan. Thus allowing you to see all the work that needs to be done. Regardless of your requirements, we promise to meet them. 

Only the latest equipment is used, thus ensuring we provide you with the best possible system. All of which has been tested and approved, allowing us to exceed industry standards. 

Get in touch with CCTV Maintenance Hull 

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we are always more than happy to help. Regardless of your needs we are fully equipped to meet them. 

Take the initial steps in safeguarding your property and give us a call on 01482422988.

History of hull

Kingston upon Hull stands on the north bank of the Humber Estuary at the mouth of its tributary, the River Hull. The valley of the River Hull has been inhabited since the early Neolithic period but there is little evidence of a substantial settlement in the area of the present city. The area was attractive to people because it gave access to a prosperous hinterland and navigable rivers but the site was poor, being remote, low-lying and with no fresh water. It was originally an outlying part of the hamlet of Myton, named Wyke. The name is thought to originate either from a Scandinavian word Vik meaning inlet or from the Saxon Wic meaning dwelling place or refuge.

The River Hull was a good haven for shipping, whose trade included the export of wool from Meaux Abbey, which owned Myton. In 1293 the town of Wyke was acquired from the abbey by King Edward I, who on 1 April 1299 granted it a royal charter that renamed the settlement King’s town upon Hull or Kingston upon Hull. The charter is preserved in the archives of the Guildhall.

In 1440, a further charter incorporated the town and instituted local government consisting of a mayor, a sheriff and twelve aldermen

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