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Alarm CCTV installation & CCTV Maintenance Edinburgh have righthand engineers of hand-selected professionals devoted to delivering high-tech safety schemes to Edinburgh and surrounding communities. Further, we not only always fit but further maintain and monitor your CCTV to safeguard high security. Further, Alarm CCTV installation & CCTV Maintenance Edinburgh are top specialists in safety systems with years of industry knowledge in both the domestic and commercial sector.

Additionally, the safety of our customers is our priority; we take safety very seriously and honour ourselves on only fitting tailored CCTV systems to make sure we meet your requirements. Also, our engineers will pay a visit your home consider all your needs then proposal a free, no-obligation quote.

It is important to note, our CCTV cameras and equipment is attained straight from industry-leading brands such as Hikvision, Samsung and Axis, and this is to make sure your home or business are being observed by dependable, high-value systems you can trust.

Alarm CCTV Systems

CCTV Maintenance Edinburgh systems can involve a mix of the following:

  • IR Night Vision Cameras
  • Full HD 1080P DVR HDD Recording
  • Full HD 1080P Cameras
  • Multi-function wireless interaction with our 24/7 Alarm Delivery Complex
  • Isolated monitoring from your phone, tablet and laptop

Every CCTV Maintenance Edinburgh Installation is done by our professional expert fitters. Importantly, they come with a whole warranty for 12-months on systems and parts and Aftercare service.

Why should you pick Alarm CCTV installation & CCTV Maintenance Edinburgh?

  • Free warranty guarantee
  • Free onsite analysis
  • Expert expertise
  • No Mess
  • Quality
  • Welcoming Engineers
  • Fast Installation
  • Prior Risk assessments
  • Mobile App
  • Years of Industry knowledge
  • Free quotation

Edinburgh’s Home CCTV Installation Experts

Notably, Alarm CCTV installation & CCTV Maintenance Edinburgh provides a wide selection of home CCTV security systems in Edinburgh. Exclusively for your needs and continued to be one of our most respected home security systems. Further, our digital CCTV allows for non-stop video recording on hard drives, better image value and 24-hour remote monitoring when linked to your CCTV system. Moreover, our CCTV offers private viewing of CCTV cameras or on your mobile phone from any place in the world to assurance your home will be safe at all times.


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All our cameras are advanced and have been verified vigorously, while always beyond trade standards.  Therefore, you can relax knowing we are protecting your home, we provide both internal and external security. Also, we are the business for you- we are dependable, cost-effective and rapid. Above all, with no hidden duties, we are pleased to deliver you a free assessment of the land. If you have any queries concerning our CCTV services, or you are considering getting CCTV- book an appointment Today.

Edinburgh History

When the Romans arrived in Lothian at the end of the 1st century AD, they found a Brittonic Celtic tribe whose name they recorded as the Votadini. The Votadini transitioned into the Gododdin kingdom in the Early Middle Ages, with Eidyn serving as one of the kingdom’s districts. During this period, the Castle Rock site thought to have been the stronghold of Din Eidyn, emerged as the kingdom’s major centre. The medieval poem Y Gododdin describes a war band from across the Brittonic world who gathered in Eidyn before a fateful raid; this may describe a historical event around AD 600.

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