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Alarm Installation Wellingborough

Get in touch with us at Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation Wellingborough and take the early steps in protecting your property. Irrespective of your alarm requirements, we promise to meet them thanks to our vast knowledge and experience.

We have a broad range of alarm systems all of which can all be customized to fit your specific property and needs. It may seem overwhelming selecting the correct system, however, there’s certainly no requirement for you to worry. Our fitters are here to deliver you with their honest expert advice, make sure you have peace of mind.

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Smartphone Features With Alarm Installation Wellingborough

Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation Wellingborough CCTV systems provide outstanding Smart CCTV systems. Overall, safeguard your home or business seven days a week 24 hours of the day with access to live & recorded footage on your smartphone internet-connected device. Mainly, some of our features include:

  • Supervise your home remotely
  • Results to view Live and Recorded footage
  • Full installation included –  speedy appointments available
  • Small local systems to large scale installations
  • Broad range of Brands & Products to suit all requirements
  • Warranty on All Products

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All of Alarm Installations Wellingborough’s systems are intended with the latest technology to ensure we stay up to date with the digital age.  As well as this, our fitters frequently attend training programmes to ensure their abilities and knowledge are up to date. This allows us to surpass industry standards and maintain our 100% customer satisfaction rate.

Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation Wellingborough – Cameras

Importantly, our cameras have numerous features and High Definition and 4K images deliver bright images that can delivery in defence of your property, providing footage of any incidents that may happen, whether this is for health and safety purposes or security, every need will be considered in the CCTV system design.

Further, their Accreditation with HIKVISION, the World’s Largest CCTV Manufacturer allows them to deliver systems that are only limited by your imagination, with the knowledge and assurance that they will always assist them in years to come. Moreover, using Hikvision equipment, they can offer features such as face recognition, number plate recognition, people counting, intruder notification and motion sensing on all of their systems.

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Contact Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation Wellingborough today at 01933 837 206 speak with one of our qualified observation camera fitters in Paignton.

Overall we can offer you with assistance and assistance on, CCTV system, burglar alarms and home security in Wellingborough. It is crucial to note; we also existing TV aerial installation, satellite installation, wall mounting, locksmith and variety of other services. Importantly, we will guarantee your home, company, and the family unit are safe and sound on the same day you call. Basically, all you should to do is give us a call today, and we can recommend you with a free quote, and advice.


Wellingborough is home to two football clubs: Wellingborough Town and Wellingborough Whitworth. From 14 April 1928 a short lived, small independent (not affiliated to the sports governing body) greyhound racing track was opened around the football pitch at the Dog and Duck Ground.

In 2009 the town’s rugby club was the first club to be awarded the RFU Whole Club Seal of Approval in the East Midlands. Harrowden Hall, a 17th-century building in Great Harrowden village just on the outskirts of the town, is the clubhouse of a privately owned golf course. The four leisure centres and health clubs in Wellingborough include Bannatyne’s, Redwell, Waendel and Weavers (which is part of Weavers school).

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