Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation Tynemouth

Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation Tynemouth has been working in the area for years and have vast safety knowledge and commitment of working locally within and around Tynemouth we can pledge a flawless fitment. Also, the value of our alarms is due to the incredible new systems that are technically advanced. Further, we are at the top of the competition by bringing ever-transforming quality Systems. Further, we provide exceptional Burglar Alarm Maintenance, to make sure your system is always functioning at its very best and abides by insurance contacts.

Protecting Your Business

Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation Tynemouth presents a wide range of products to make sure that your firm has the level of safety to meet the needs of all insurance companies. Before a quote and design are ready, a risk valuation is completed by one of our designers to make sure the grade of the alarm system satisfies your coverage company.

Why Burglar Alarm Serving is Vital

When you take out a house or business insurance policy, whether it’s for your home or your industrial properties, for the cover to represent you with the protection you are paying for, you will typically be necessary to adhere to a set of assurances. Therefore, it is important to have your alarm regularly checked and maintained.

Choose Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation Tynemouth

Customer safety is always our main aim at Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation Tynemouth. Which is why we tailor all of our services to meet your specific needs. As well as this we provide same day or next day service, with a FREE call-out service and quotes. Additionally, we offer a 10% discount to all clients aged 65 or over.

Staying up to date with the digital age is something we pride ourselves on. Which is why we only use the latest technology and digital equipment. This has allowed us to become well known across Burnley for our robust and reliable systems.

Call Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation Tynemouth

Please call us for more information on safeguarding your property. Importantly, Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation Tynemouth will ensure your home and business is always safe, from at any place in the world. Further, we are a local company, been operating in Tynemouth for many years. Our name outstands us as, as we are known for our honesty and reliability through the area. Without a doubt, we would understand to protect your home, make sure it is safe, and provide this at a cost-effective price. Some Items are priceless.

Notable People

  • Susan Mary Auld – naval architect
  • Thomas Bewick – engraver, spent many holidays at Bank Top and wrote most of his memoirs there in 1822
  • Septimus Brutton – played a single first-class cricket match for Hampshire in 1904
  • Harriet Martineau – novelist and journalist, lived at 57 Front Street 1840-45, now The Martineau Guest House named in her honour. She wrote three books here and some hundred pages of her autobiography are devoted to the Tynemouth period. Her eminent visitors included Richard Cobden and Thomas Carlyle[citation needed]. Carlyle (a Scotsman) considered that Tynemouth residents were Scottish in their features, character and dialect.
  • Andy Taylor – former lead guitarist for the new wave group Duran Duran was born in Tynemouth in 1961 at the Tynemouth Jubilee Infirmary.


At Mike Harris Fire & Security, we have gained a reputation as a leading fire protection services provider. Our goal is to be the preferred and trusted fire safety protection company of all of the UK.

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