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Are you in the South Shields area and in need of a burglar alarm system? Look no further. Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation South Shields. Further, we promise to meet all your demands as we have a complete array of alarm systems available to install.

It can be very great trying to determine on the best system for your property. However, there’s no necessity for you to worry. Our engineers are more than pleased to offer their impartial and expert advice, safeguarding your home and business.

Additionally, we have over 25 years of industry experience we can offer you a full alarm installation service, with continuing maintenance. Meaning your alarm is completely functional for a long time.

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All of our fitters are NSI Gold accredited, and have complete extensive manufacturer training, with the appropriate certificates. Training programmes are completed frequently to make sure their skills and expertise are up to date. Notably, with the digital era constantly changing it is important to choose a firm that is completely flexible and able to adjust to new technology and equipment.  Further, it is completely vetted by Trading Standards, Age Concern UK and Checka trade.

Our technicians focus in installing, maintaining, repairing and upgrading burglar alarm systems. All services are open to domestic and commercial properties across South Shield.

Maintenance, repairs and upgrades

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for any fix and upgrade services. Whether or not we are your existing provider, we can assist you out. Our engineers have experience working with the majority of alarm systems in existence. It is of utmost significance to make sure your alarm system is fully functional. Which is why we extend regular maintenance checks at Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation.

Additionally, we highly recommend you are aware of your insurance policy. For most policies, you will not be able to put forward a claim if your system is completely operational and your warranty guarantee is up to date. Don’t put your safety or your insurance in jeopardy, contact us today and we will be more than pleased to offer our assistance.

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To ensure your property is as reliable as possible, get in touch with us today. Whether you are ready to book or you have a few queries we are here to help. Overall, Give us a call on 01919 339 167


The first evidence of a settlement within what is now the town of South Shields dates from pre-historic times. Further, Stone Age arrowheads and an Iron Age roundhouse have been discovered on the site of Arbeia Roman Fort. Additionally, the Roman garrison built a fort here around AD 160 and expanded it around AD 208 to help supply their soldiers along Hadrian’s Wall as they campaigned north beyond the Antonine Wall. Further, divisions living at the fort included Tigris bargemen (from Persia and modern-day Iraq), infantry from Iberia and Gaul, and Syrian archers and spearmen. Additionally, the fort was abandoned as the Roman Empire declined in the 4th century AD. Many ruins still exist today and some structures have been rebuilt as part of a modern museum and popular tourist

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