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Alarm CCTV Installation Sittingbourne is your local safety company, delivering robust and reliable safety results. Crucially, did you realize; burglar alarms can prevent thieves from breaking into your business or home. Further, auto guard Alarms provide a wide assortment of home safety systems, burglar, and intruder alarms to fit any type of property.

Moreover, our CCTV systems are intended, provided, and equipped with the customer in mind. Also, we provide upkeep in Sittingbourne to make sure your security cameras are entirely operating. It is important to note, many of our customers have a multitude of cameras installed at the one time.

Our Alarm CCTV systems include

  • Lens
  • Night Tracker
  • Bi-directional audio support
  • Motion detection
  • Night view
  • Intelligent video analytics
  • Lens distortion correction
  • Hallway view support
  • Multiple streaming
  • Vandal-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Numerous streaming

How we can help with your Alarm CCTV Installation

Alarm CCTV Installation Sittingbourne always put your requirements and security first, our importance is to keep you and your possessions safe. Furthermore, we can assist you in several ways listed below.

First, we can Avoid Crime at Your House. As, it is a known fact that your home or business, whether business or local, is far less likely to be targeted by burglars or any other offenders if you have CCTV fitted.

Ask us about CCTV features

Alarm & CCTV Installation Sittingbourne features can include:

  • Varifocal lens, Motion detection, Multiple streaming, Tampering, Day and night view, Intelligent video analytics, Lens distortion correction, Bi-directional audio support, Hallway view support, Vandal-resistant, Night Tracker, Weatherproof, MJPEG Dual codec, Multiple streaming

Notably, Alarm & CCTV Installation Sittingbourne packages include Alarm home vision CCTV systems and Burglar alarm packages. Further, Alarm & CCTV Sittingbourne can provide a broad array of services; we can offer wireless solutions to avert putting wires all-around your business and homes as well as all of our constructions cover the following: Door/window contacts, Movement detectors, Control panel, and, Internal sirens.

Call Alarm CCTV Installation Sittingbourne

Contact Alarm CCTV installation Sittingbourne for additional skillful information on keeping your home and business safe, and fitting in the Alarm CCTV safety system against crooks.  Further, we are a regional company working in Sittingbourne for years. Also, our business is reliable and dependable. Therefore all our local clients have given positive feedback.  Overall, we would welcome the possibility to make sure your house is secure and offer this at a budget-friendly price. Call on 0161 870 1438.


The area around Sittingbourne was subject to constant air raids by Zeppelins and aeroplanes during the First World War. The Germans used the town as a reference point for bearings on the way to London.

Additionally, the first visit by a German aeroplane happened on Christmas Day 1914. Also, Guns at Sheerness fired at the lone invader, but still, one shell dropped into a field at Iwade. The next event was to occur on 16 January 1915 when another solitary pilot from a German aerodrome in Belgium bombed Sittingbourne. This aircraft, a Taube, was pursued by two local airmen but managed to escape after dropping a couple of bombs.

Further, about 100 air raid warnings were sounded in Sittingbourne during the First World War, and anti-aircraft batteries were strengthened in 1917. The last big raid to pass over the town on Whit Sunday (19 May 1918), carried out by several Gothas, eliciting perhaps the most ferocious barrage from the ground defences the town had ever seen.

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