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At Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation Royal Tunbridge Wells we specialise in the installation and monitoring of the best alarm systems across the area.  Having had over 15 years of experience in the industry you can trust us to have a full understanding of your alarm system. Thus ensuring we can provide the best possible system to suit your property and needs. 

It’s been proven that even the visual dettert of an alarm system can turn some burglars away, with a working system shown to increase your properties safety by 78%. However it is vital that you have regular maintenance checks, to ensure your system is fully working. 

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Are you aware that a burglary occurs every 20 seconds? Therefore it is essential for you to have a fully operational alarm system to ensure your safety. Alongside this, we highly advise you to check your insurance policy. 

For instance, most insurance companies require a full working system and a warranty guarantee in order for you to make a claim. Please take the safety of your property seriously and don’t put your insurance in jeopardy. We promise to provide you with a professional, efficient and discrete service at Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation Royal Tunbridge Wells. Ensuring we leave absolutely no mess behind. Our experts guarantee to install your detectors in their optimal position. Thus providing the most accurate detection across the room. 

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Only the latest, most advanced technology and equipment is used on our alarm systems at Burglar Alarm Installation Royal Tunbridge Wells. All of which has been tested and approved. Thus ensuring you have the number one system available. 

All of our professionals are NSI Gold accredited, meaning you can be assured we will provide you with the number one service. On top of that, to ensure their skills and knowledge are up to date our engineers still regularly attend training programmes. 


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About Royal Tunbridge Wells

Evidence suggests that Iron Age people farmed the fields and mined the iron-rich rocks in the Tunbridge Wells area, and excavations in 1940 and 1957–61 by James Money at High Rocks uncovered the remains of a defensive hill-fort. It is thought that the site was occupied into the era of Roman Britain, and the area continued to be part of the Wealden iron industry until its demise in the late eighteenth century. An iron forge remains in the grounds of Bayham Abbey, in use until 1575 and documented until 1714.

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