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At Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation Poole we have been installing, repairing, and upgrading alarm systems for over 25 years. Which is why we are well known across the area for delivering the most strong and reliable systems. Therefore allowing us to surpass industry standards.

For all of your alarm system needs, we are here to help. Our fitters will make sure your approach is at the complete working condition and your contract guarantee is reasonable and up to date.  These are both extremely vital for your safety.

Maintenance, repairs and upgrades at Burglar Alarm Installation Poole

If you are having any problems with your current system then we are more than pleased to provide you with our repairs and upgrades. Our fitters at Burglar Alarm Installation Poole have vast volumes of knowledge working with most alarm systems in existence. It is of greatest importance to make sure your alarm system is fully functional. Which are we offer regular maintenance checks.

For the best part of insurance policies, you will not be available for a claim unless your alarm system is totally working, and you have an up to date guarantee. Don’t put your security or your insurance at risk, contact us today and we will be more than pleased to offer our assistance.

Our services at Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation Poole

At Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation Poole we recommend a variety of systems and features in order to meet your needs. For instance, pet sensors, glass break detectors, panic button, and speech dialers.

Getting regular maintenance checks for your alarm system is crucial. Otherwise, your system could be defective and not give you full protection. In the regrettable case, someone does try to break into your property you will need a complete working system in order to deter them.

Also, if your system is not completely operating or your warranty guarantee has run out you may not be available for insurance claims. We advise you to check your insurance policy, as most places need a warranty guarantee and a completely functional alarm system in order for your claim to go through.


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At Mike Harris, your security and satisfaction is constantly at the forefront of our minds. Take the initial steps in safeguarding your property and get in touch with us.

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