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Burglar Alarm Installation Peterborough understand the need for every company to make sure their employee feel safe in their building. Further, we offer a variety of alarm protection systems that will make you feel safe. Also, our burglar alarms are advanced. Additionally, we’ve continually got our eye on the newest technology. Primarily, to make sure we keep ourselves up to date. Mainly, to allow us to deliver you with the very top alarm installation. Significantly, Burglar Alarm Installation Peterborough extend both wired and wireless alarm systems so that the most remote areas of your building can be obtained neatly and effectively.

As knowledgeable alarm fitters, we offer an installation service across the whole of the south including Southampton, Portsmouth, Salisbury, Wokingham, Slough, Bournemouth, Winchester, Basingstoke, Twickenham and Kingston upon Thames.

Burglar Alarm Installation Peterborough Maintenance

In agreement with NSI standards, Burglar Alarm Installation Peterborough recommends routine maintenance checks to make sure your system is dependable.  Notably, each year, irrespective of how old your system is. Overall, we call you to arrange a visit from our technicians to check it over and switch batteries if necessary.

All our recently installed alarms routinely come with a 12-month assurance on parts, labour and emergency callout.   After the first year, we are still careful in making sure your system is strong and dependable. Regardless of the age of your system. Overall, we will continue to maintain and service it annually (keyholder), or biannually (police response systems).

Burglar Alarm Installation Peterborough with Secure Transmission

For your alarm installation, we get on several alarm products to connect your needs and budget. Our most prevalent for reliability and cost are the top of the range.

Moreover, Burglar Alarm Installation Peterborough alarms with safe transmission techniques, long battery life and superbly intended detection accessories. Importantly, some systems can be developed to identify not only intrusion but flood, smoke or gas and we can recommend which would be the most appropriate for your premises.

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Overall, call us today for more advice on protecting your home, and having the alarms that will safeguard your protection. Notably, it will keep down insurance prices. Further, we are a resident firm and have been employed in Peterborough for countless years. Further, our brand name is superb and reliable for all our locals and consumers all through the area. Call us today on 01733 304 012


Present-day Peterborough is the latest in a series of settlements. Mainly, which have at one time or other benefited from its site where the Nene leaves. Also, large areas of permanently drained land for the fens. Also, remains of Iron age settlement and what is thought to be religious activity. Importantly, it can be seen at the Flag Fen archaeological site to the east of the city centre. Further, the Romans established a fortified garrison town at Durobrivae on Ermine Street. Importantly, five miles (8 km) to the west in Water Newton. Mainly, around the middle of the 1st century AD. Durobrivae’s earliest appearance among surviving records is in the Antonine Itinerary of the late 2nd century.

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