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Our engineers are specialists in the installation and monitoring of the best alarm systems at Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation Grays.  As we have over 12 years of experience in the industry you can trust us to have a full understanding of your alarm system. Therefore permitting us to provide you with the best possible system to suit your property and needs.

It has been shown that even the visual deterrent of an alarm system can turn some burglars away, with a working system shown to increase your properties safety by 78%. Which is why it is so important that you have regular maintenance checks, to ensure your system is fully working.

Why Choose Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation Grays?

A local, friendly approach with Burglar Alarm Installation Grays

We have been safeguarding people and estate across York for over 25 years. Keyways exemplify the top levels of service, knowledge and customer care.

Leading Technology

By operating jointly with manufacturers, our clients receive the newest and best features to deter corruption and handle their safety efficiently.

Extremely Reliable

Our warnings have been hand-picked by our York-based experts.

Local Security Firm : Burglar Alarm Installation Grays

Over the last ten years, Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation Grays has worked with a variety of estates. These include houses, storerooms, offices, retail, food production and transport. Our licensed engineers will offer you with a smooth out installation to the top of standards.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us today, whether it is to make an analysis or book an appointment.

Service and Maintenance at Burglar Alarm Installation Grays

Irrespective of whether or not we installed your alarm system, we are delighted to offer ongoing maintenance for you at Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation Grays. If you do not get routine alarm maintenance, then you could face a range of difficulties. For example, difficulties during power cuts, cut or cracked cables, false alarms etc. Though, these difficulties are merely preventable with regular alarm service and upkeep checks.

Further, as well as the upkeep, it is essential to make sure your contract is up to date to provide you with complete protection and coverage. Further, we propose an annual servicing charge which also presents you with a one year contract. This is available to both new and existing customers, With over 65s getting a 10% discount.

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Contact Mike Harris Burglar Alarm Installation Grays for more info on safety to your house or company and fitting our CCTV camera. Also, we are a local firm, working in your area, and our business image is dependable and reliable, by all our local’s throughout the area, would define us. Overall, we would be grateful for the chance to safeguard your home and provide this at a low cost. Call us today on 01375 803 387.


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