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Are you in the Swansea area and looking for a CCTV System to be installed? Look no further. Alarm CCTV Installation Swansea is a perfect company for you. We are the leading installation company in Swansea and are here to protect you and your property against burglary, theft and assault. Our security systems have been designed to prevent acts of crime. However if a crime does occur it can be used as crucial evidence.

CCTV Systems at Alarm CCTV Installation Swansea

CCTV systems have come a long way in recent years, long gone are the fuzzy, unidentifiable images. Our Alarm CCTV Installations Swansea provide you with clear, identifiable pictures of the best possible quality.  Recordings from your CCTV system are able to be transferred onto your other devices and stored there. All of our CCTV systems are able to be installed by our certified engineers in both commercial and domestic properties. 

Security systems maintenance at Alarm CCTV Installation Swansea

Also, we offer additional services on top of CCTV installations at Alarm CCTV Installation Swansea. We provide a CCTV repair and maintenance service. Our trained professionals can also look at any existing CCTV systems you have installed, to ensure that they have been done so correctly. When it comes to commercial properties, external, and residential homes, our track record is second to none. For more information on Alarm CCTV installation Swansea, then please give us a local call on 01792 989 027.

 Stay safe with alarm CCTV Installation Swansea

You can now access remote viewing of your cameras anywhere in the world, thanks to our sophisticated security systems at Alarm CCTV Installation Swansea. You can link your CCTV system to our mobile app across all Android and iOS devices. Our CCTV services extend to business’ who are in need of a commercial CCTV system, as well as our home systems. We provide both internal and external installations, along with however many cameras that meet your property requirements. All of our CCTV systems have been created so that they are incredibly user-friendly and easy to use without slacking on your safety. Although the system is secure for you to use, you can be assured that if you have any external control panels, no unauthorised member of the public will be able to access your system. 

Alarm CCTV Installation

With over ten years of experience, our fully trained and certified engineers are able to use their expert knowledge to advise you on the best CCTV system for you. Our professionals will assess the property and discuss with you the requirements of your CCTV, thus enabling them to tailor a CCTV system precisely to you. We have a variety of CCTV and security equipment allowing us to meet your requirements and needs whatever they are.  

To book an appointment with us at Alarm – CCTV today, or if you have any queries that are needing to be answered, then please get in touch with us on 01792 989 027.

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