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With Alarm & CCTV Installation Llanelli being a security company, we value security like no one else. Furthermore, we see security for what it is, completely essential, especially when it comes to your own home. For something as valuable and essential to us all, as our home, a shocking number of people put off improving their home security or even installing a base level of security for that matter. This is very irresponsible as the adverse effects of a break-in are catastrophic. Research has shown that it takes at least eight months for people to feel safe in their home after a break-in, but perhaps more shockingly, very few people ever feel entirely safe in their own home ever again. In fact, for around ten per cent of people, the emotional and mental impact is so vast that they decide to relocate and move to a different house or location.

Moreover, break-ins and burglaries aren’t the most damaging in terms of physical loss or theft, but they are most damaging in terms of emotions and mental health because items are easily replaceable. However, your sense of safety and peace of mind is not. The most shocking statistic that a survey carried out by Allianz insurance and the charity Victim Support found that the mental effect of break-ins was most severely pronounced in younger children, even if they were not at home during the time of the break-in. They found that many critical aspects decreased, such as the child’s academic performance, sleep schedule and quality and a host of other crucial things.

Alarm & CCTV Installation Llanelli – High-Level Security

Therefore, it is unsurprising that we at CCTV Installation Llanelli strive to provide everyone with a high level of security that is guaranteed to keep their family safe and secure. We provide comprehensive installation of both CCTV and alarm systems. Further, we stock and install a wide range of products, with each product being designed with a particular client in mind. Whether you are looking for the most high-end security system that is nigh on unbreachable, or a budget-friendly system to start you on your home security journey, we have just the product for you. All our products are state of the art equipment that you won’t find anywhere else, and despite being so cutting edge, we ensure that all our products are affordable and budget-friendly, so that no one is excluded from being safe in their home due to a price tag.

CCTV Installation Llanelli

Mainly, when Alarm & CCTV Installation Llanelli started operating in Llanelli all those years ago, we knew that the people of Llanelli and the surrounding areas needed more security options at a price they could afford, all too many companies gouge their customers while we aim to work with you and ensure that your security needs are met for a price that suits you. Being a local CCTV and alarm installer has many benefits that large nationwide companies don’t have, such as how we are always nearby and capable of coming out to you on short notice so that you are not left waiting for any length of time.

Alongside Alarm & CCTV installation in Llanelli, we also offer Burglar Alarm Installation & Maintenance in Llanelli.

At Mike Harris Fire & Security, we have gained a reputation as a leading fire protection services provider. Our goal is to be the preferred and trusted fire safety protection company of all of the UK.

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