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Crime is a threat that has been around since the dawn of time and has not gotten any less prevalent since then! Home security systems can give you safety and complete peace of mind that is not attainable in any other way. Home security systems at CCTV Installation Cumbernauld protect you from crime, deter criminals from even carrying out crime in the first place and give the police additional evidence and information to use to catch and persecute the criminals responsible should crime occur. We at Alarm-CCTV Installation Cumbernauld offer a plethora of services that can cover every eventuality and threat possible. We install a host of alarm systems and CCTV systems to ensure you are well protected. 

Our CCTV Installation Cumbernauld alarm system offerings

Our alarm system range at CCTV Installation Cumbernauld is incredibly diverse, covering all major providers and every application. No matter what system you are after, we can supply and install it. To simply list all the various systems, we offer would be impossible as we stock just so many different makes and models. However, the broad categories and types we install are;

  • Wired alarms – Alarms which have physical cables as connections. This is the classic type of burglar alarm. Very cost effective and completely resistant to cyber attack. Refreshingly old school, which is increasingly useful as criminals are becoming more and more focused and effective at targeting electronic systems, meaning that hard wired alarm systems are actually becoming more safe and secure
  • Wireless alarm – Alarms which do not use any cables bar power cables. The wireless mediums vary, but infra red or radio waves are most commonly used. Sensors and detectors are connected to the central unit in very much the same way that your devices connect to your Wi-Fi. Wireless alarms have perhaps the best scope for expansion as setting up new sensors that cover new areas, is as simple as connecting them to the network
  • Hybrid alarm – Alarms that can utilise a mixture of physical connections and wireless mediums. Hybrid alarms really do give you the best of both worlds, combining the pros of both wired and wireless systems into one convenient package.

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So, don’t ignore your security needs any longer, get in touch now and we can provide you with the highest level of safety available anywhere on the market. All our engineers and us ourselves are based in Cumbernauld. We know the area, especially what security threats and challenges you are likely to face, so we are the best suited CCTV and alarm installer for you. We cover all of Cumbernauld and there is truly not a square inch that we are not willing to travel to in order to give back to the community and ensure that every resident of Cumbernauld is effectively protected from every threat imaginable. We can help in every scenario and property, be that residential or commercial. Over the years that we have operated in Cumbernauld, we have helped a number of small local business stay safe and thrive.

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